Brain Injury Lawyers Available To Help

An estimated 50,000 Canadians suffer from brain injuries every year. If you or a loved on has suffered a brain injury, the Personal Injury Support Service can put you in touch with the right brain injury lawyer in order to help secure your legal rights.

What type of Brain Injuries qualify?

Types of brain injuries and head trauma may include:

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • acquired brain injury
  • concussion
  • skull fracture
  • closed head injury

You need an experienced brain injury lawyer

PISUPPORT works with lawyers who have been helping brain injury victims for over 35 years.

It’s important to speak specifically with a brain injury lawyer. They know exactly what to do in order to secure your benefits. Compensation can make a big difference. It can help with the following challenges:

  • permanent cognitive disabilities
  • permanent income loss
  • memory loss
  • permanent loss of ability to care for oneself
  • the assessment of complex, hard-to-detect injuries, and the fair assessment of the financial and personal loss resulting from those injuries
  • assessment of Brain and Head Injury

PISUPPORT has access to a diverse network of personal injury experts, including personal injury lawyers that are experienced in handling serious injury cases, including brain, neck and spinal injuries. In addition, our experts include civil litigators, medical professionals and former insurance adjusters.

Our experts know what it takes to fight for your rights.

Start off right. . . Start with PISUPPORT

If you or someone you love has been injured, or has been denied their rightful benefits, contact the Personal Injury Support Service for legal help.

And remember, with the lawyers in our network, you don’t pay until your case is settled or won.

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