Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers available to help

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries can be life changing, resulting in conditions such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, paralysis, or a herniated disc.

How PISUPPORT can help

We will put you in touch with a spinal cord injury lawyer who can prepare your case for a life-long settlement. Such a settlement will help address the many medical and income issues that can result from spinal cord, back, neck and brain injuries.

What’s the next step?

spinal cord injury lawyer

Every spinal cord injury case is unique so it’s important to have a special team organized for you. The next step is to organize a team of medical, legal and insurance experts to cater to all of your needs.

We will help you with this.

The team we put together for you will:

  • Always be available to speak with you and keep you informed
  • Help you assess your current and future needs
  • Fight for you to receive full medical support, benefits and compensation entitlements for your injuries

How experienced are the lawyers in PISUPPORT’S network?

Our spinal cord injury lawyers are associated with the Canadian Paraplegic Association of Ontario and the Ontario Brain Injury Association. They have the experience required for your spinal cord injury claims.

Our legal network includes medical experts, former insurance adjusters, and who are all skilled and experienced in spinal cord injury claims.

Start off right. . . Start with PISUPPORT

If you or your loved one needs legal aid, the lawyers in our network can help you obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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